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Introduction to Addresses

The addressbooks are the main part of TUTOS. A lot of functionality in TUTOS revolves around the addresses in the system. In the next picture you will see the main address screen.

Main address screen

From here you can select what to do. You can search the local system for a particular person you are trying to find. You can enter the name in the second text field and see if someone by that name is known on the Internet (or a corporate LDAP addressbook). But you can also search for the name of a particular company.

First we will have a look at which persons are currently stored in the system. You do this by clicking on the 'Search' button where it says 'Search in the Addressbook'.

Address list with contacts

As you can see in the list it is possible to click on the first name of a person. When you do, you get to see the details of this particular person (as shown in the following picture).

Contact details screen

Here you see the name of the person ("Gero Kohnert") and also one location 1 entry named 'Home'. This is the moment to make an important statement about TUTOS. A person (or a company) can have more than one location! As you search the menu on the left you will see there is no 'change' option. That's because you don't have the correct rights to do that. For now, let's leave Gero's address as it is and start making a whole new person of our own.