Admin bugtracking


Bugtracking is a module that is currently delivered with all versions of TUTOS, so a special installation is not required.

In order to globally diable this feature you should edit your config.php file or [tutoshome]/php/bugtracking/mconfig.pinc file and ensure that you have a line:

 $tutos[usebugtracking] = 0;

Another way to diable this is a modification of php/ and adding a comment in front of this line:


This will also disable things like table generation and background processing.


There are three bugtracking specific parameters possible in the config.php files

# How long a bug may be open before a remember mail will be sent
# 0 = disabled
# Other values: Minutes before mail is sent (via check.php and crontab)
# 240 minutes = 4 hours (default)
$tutos[bugremember]  = 0;
# a rule how to build the displayed bugid
# X is substituted by the next value of the bugname sequencer oof the database
# all other values are handeld like the strftime function of PHP
# (see )
# %Y year with four digits
# %m month 01-12
# a empty value "" falls back to the old mechanism with bugid from the main TUTOS 
# ID generator
# NOTE: a value in the database entry will override this setting !!
$tutos[bugautoname]  = "%Y-%m-X";
# Allow deletion of bugs
# 0 = no
# 1 = yes
$tutos[bugdelete]  = 1;