1. If you are updating from an older release. Make a copy of your [tutosdir]/php/config.php and [tutosdir]/apache.conf !
  2. get the latest tarball from TUTOS Project. Go to the directory where you like to install the software.
  3. extract the package
    • if you got the bzip version tar xvjf tutos.....bz2 or cat tutos.....bz2 | bunzip | tar xvf -
    • if you got the gzip version tar xvzf tutos.....gz
    • if you have a zip version cat tutos.....gz | gunzip | tar xvf -
  4. Change to the newly created tutos directory. Note: That directory should be accessible by your webserver.
  5. edit [tutosdir]/php/config.php according to your Database settings. If you are not updating you have to start a new config.php by making a copy of config_default.pinc and keep only those values that you have changed. You should read the file config_default.pinc complete (!) and make all your changes in your personal config.php.
  6. if you are updating: Read the [tutosdir]/ChangeLog file in your base directory and call the http://[yourserver]/tutos/php/admin/update.php?id=XX page where XX is our database index from config.php

    Updaters should stop here !
  7. You will need a database and a DB User. Functions to create your empty database and setting up a user are not part of TUTOS.
  8. edit [tutosdir]/apache.conf and include it into your apache httpd.conf a line like "Include [tutosdir]/apache.conf" will do it.
  9. Restart apache !. This step could be optional if you can already reach your TUTOS install dir using your apache. Nevertheless have a look at this file (apache.conf) in order to see what we do there.
  10. run http://[yourserver]/tutos/php/admin/scheme.php Scheme Step 1
    • depending on the number of steps you perform you will have a runable tutos installation afterwards
    • with a superuser account (User: superuser Password: tutos CHANGE THIS !!)
    • with some example users and data
  11. test everything
    • Login at http://[yourserver]/tutos/php/mytutos.php with the above username and password
  12. remove [tutosdir]/php/admin/scheme.php and [tutosdir]/php/admin/update.php and from your php subdir or at least disable it for public use!!!
  13. CHECK that http://[yourserver]/tutos/php/config.php is not readable. This should be the case if you leave [tutosdir]/php/.htaccess intact and/or use the provided [tutosdir]/apache.conf, otherwise you should provide some own protection.