The language support in TUTOS is very flexible. In order to find the text to display it will try and load multiple file.

  • a language file like fr.p3 which is delivered with TUTOS (for french text in this example)
  • a global custom file which is valid for all languages an called lang_custom.p3 (in the same directory). This file is the best place for company wide settings which should not be language specific.
  • a customized language specific file like fr_custom.p3 in the same location

Every module will have its own language files in their own directory using the same method to find a relevant language file.

Change displayed language

For on the fly modification of a page displayed by TUTOS you may add a "&lg=XX" to a url, where XX is a language code like de for german or fr for french.

Online Change

On the admin page you can see a link "Customize" which will bring you to a page that allows the online modification of the language files. This requires that all the language files are writeable by the webservers process (which is normally not the case).