Language files are stored in different places within TUTOS.

  • in the tutos/php/localization directory
  • in the tutos/php/[modulename] directories

language files are named like en.p3 (for english) or "de.p3" (for german). If you like to replace a text you should create a file named "lang_custom.p3" in the same directory (for ALL languages). Or if you like to change only a text ion a specific language ??_custom.p3. These files are structured in the same way like the original file but will only contain the modified subset of text lines.

An example: If you like to rename the word Bug to Event and add a additional state for that Bugtracking module.First you look at the original file tutos/php/bugtracking/en.p3

# $Id: en.p3,v 1.6 2005/04/27 20:02:38 gokohnert Exp $
# ========================= NOTE ========================
# Please put site specific extensions and changes
# to TUTOS language files in a file called "en_custom.p3"
# or "lang_custom.p3" (for all languages)
# using the same format like here
# =======================================================
# English Texts for this module
# Bugs
$lang['Bug']             = "Bug";
$lang['Bugs']            = "Bugs";
$lang['BugStates'][1]    = "OPEN";
$lang['BugStates'][2]    = "IN PROGRESS";
$lang['BugStates'][3]    = "SOLVED";
$lang['BugStates'][4]    = "CLOSED";
$lang['perm'][usebugtracking]    = "use bugtracking";
$lang['bug'] = &$lang['Bug'];

Now you create a file called tutos/php/bugtracking/lang_custom.p3 wit the following content

$lang['Bug']             = "Event";
$lang['Bugs']            = "Events";
$lang['BugStates'][5]    = "FORGOTTEN";

Thats all.