TUTOS can handle outgoing mails in some different ways.

NOTE: As TUTOS is sending out mails in the name and with the address of different users you should ensure that the TUTOS server is allowed to do so by your mailserver or process.

Starting with version 1.7 these settings are managed using the config screen. Mail config

for older versions of TUOS see below


You can enable this with a line :

$tutos[mailmode] = 1;

in config.php You also have to provide the correct path to the sendmail process on the server running your php scripts.

$tutos[sendmail]  = "/usr/lib/sendmail";

SMTP server

To use this you must have a line

$tutos[mailmode] = 2;

and a servername or IP adress like

$tutos[smtphost] = "";

in your config.php

You can alos enable POP-before-SMTP by adding something like this:

$tutos[popbeforesmtp] = 1;
$tutos[popbeforesmtp_user] = "someusername";
$tutos[popbeforesmtp_pass] = "somepassword";

This will make a POP3 connection to your mailserver. Such a connection is often used to autheticate you for a following SMTP connection.

SMTP server with AUTH LOGIN

This will make a more sophisticated connection to your mailserver using some more SMTP features.

Enable this with:

$tutos[mailmode] = 4;
$tutos[smtphost] = "";
$tutos[smtp_username] = "change this_to_a_smtp_username";
$tutos[smtp_password] = "change_this_to_a_smtp_password";

No mail

Enable this with:

$tutos[mailmode] = 0;

Please do not asked about mailmode 3 this was never used.