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This TUTOS module allows you to manage the agile development using the scrum process in your Projects.

To do this TUTOS will manage the Productbacklog and Sprints in your Project.


First of all you will need a Productbacklog. This will store everything that has to be done in your Project. To create Backlogitems you can either define a Sprint and start filling it via ("manage Productbacklog") or you can add single items starting from a Project page.

Create a "single" Product backlog item

If you start using a sprint you will see a "<--managae productbacklog" link on the sprint details page. First we define a sprint: Create a sprint

Create a multiple backlog items

Here you will see some predefined items (like bugs to be solved) that could easily be attached to the productbacklog. Pressing the "+" allows you to specify the main items in more detail.


a sprint item

a backlog item