Table custom


Database customization is handled by a file called [tutoshome]/php/db/table_custom.pinc. If this file exists its content will be used to query display and edit TUTOS objects. You don't have to modify other php code. To create localization you can edit tutos/php/localization/lang_custom.p3 or <lang_id>_custom.p3 file.

To make changes happen you have to run tutos/php/admin/update.php?id=0

This feature allows to add addtional fields to an object. Like

  • Selections (single and multiple)
  • Float numbers
  • Text fields
  • Date and Time fields

But be aware after you have defined a custom field you can't change its characteristics. Only after deletion and recreation.

Currently nearly all objects support custom fields.

Some good example is shown in the file [tutoshome]/php/db/table_custom_example.pinc