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== yahoo ==
== yahoo ==
Like oanda currency converter.
Like oanda currency converter.
== google earth ==
== google earth ==

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Handlers are extensions to TUTOS that will format a text in some special more useable way. Handlers are often distributed in own files (HDL_*.zip) and not part of the main TUTOS package.

Examples for handlers are:


This will look at a location description and add a small flag together with a link about the country to the displayed countryname.



This will add a linbk to a mapquest map to a location description. A click on the cityname will guide you to a page of the mapquest service


This is like mapquest handler but will use a service from map24.


This handler will add a link to all currencies and values. Going this link will allow you to calculate the value in other currencies. Oanda


Like oanda currency converter.


google earth

(new in 1.3) This will display a map for given location (coordinates)


If there is a airport in a given cityname, this handler will try to get the weather conditions of the city.