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* Starting your computer
* Starting your computer
* Using a browser (like Opera, Netscape, Konqueror and Mozilla)
* Using a browser (like Opera, Firefox, Konqueror and Chrome)
* Pointing your browser to the location where TUTOS is located
* Pointing your browser to the location where TUTOS is located
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* [[Admin_ldap|via LDAP]]
* [[Admin_ldap|via LDAP]]
* [[Admin_pam|via PAM]]
* [[Admin_pam|via PAM]]
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Latest revision as of 16:58, 29 December 2011

This article assumes you are familiar with the following things:

  • Starting your computer
  • Using a browser (like Opera, Firefox, Konqueror and Chrome)
  • Pointing your browser to the location where TUTOS is located

When you have completed these aforementioned steps correctly you are presented with a screen similar to the one shown in our first picture.


Here you can enter your username (here we use the username 'linus' since that is part of the sampledata we are using) and the associated password (which in this particular case happens to be 'guest'). It is also possible to select the database you would like to use. The database selection list will not appear in case you only have a single TUTOS database configured.

If you have forgotten your password it is possible to only enter your username and click on the 'Lost password ?' button. In that case your password (or a new one) will be sent to your email address. Which of these two options it will be depends on the security settings the TUTOS administrator has set. Most likely you will receive a new password that you can use to gain entrance again. Probably this new password will not be very userfriendly so you will most likely go straight to your user settings page to enter a new password for you to use.

If all goes well with the login screen you can click on the 'login' button and TUTOS will check your credentials and, if succesfull, present you with an application screen.

One last word about the so called 'user interface' of the program. On the next picture you see the main addressbook screen. We will use it here as an example of a regular application screen.

Application Screen

On the left side you will see the navigation area:

The menu that you see when you log in can be different from the one shown here. It is possible that the options are shown in a different language (since every user can customize TUTOS to display the information in his or her language). but is is also possible that you are not allowed to use an option. In that case it won't be shown to you (so you'll not miss it). Working with TUTOS is simply a matter of clicking on the relevant links (text with an underscore) and filling in the forms as they appear. After you are done filling in information don't forget to press the 'Submit' button (the button can have another text on it) that is usually on the bottom of the page. This makes your data being stored in the system.

In the next chapters we will describe a lot of TUTOS functionality. So pick the relevant chapter and start reading there.

And don't forget.... have fun using TUTOS!

Look at our introduction for first time users

There are some different ways that TUTOS can authenticate users: