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This WIKI will show you how to work with the TUTOS system. The name TUTOS is an abbreviation of "The Ultimate Team Organization Software". Allthough that is quiet a strong statement we hope that with the contents of this wiki we can prove that we are right.

TUTOS is an Open Source software project. That means that it is being build and maintained by a group of skilled developers who work together using the Internet and exchange information and discuss about features using E-mail. Since there is no marketing department involved, all features originate from the developers. Some because there is an idea for a feature, some because they are requested by you, the user. You can find the website with all the information about this project at and

The project has been started by a German guy called Gero Kohnert but has since then received numerous contributions from all over the world. If you like to contribute as well with programs, enhancements, graphics, documentation or translations you are most welcome. Just visit the sourceforge site and send the current maintainer (as of this writing it is Gero) an email. You'll find that it is very rewarding and a lot of fun!

Note: Some parts of this wiki are still for TUTOS Version 1.2 the latest version of TUTOS is 1.12.20160813 (from August 13 2016)

Here is a list of the main articles

And if you like to extend TUTOS and write your own modules you should look here.


Translations of the wiki contents might be her Translations