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mconfig.pinc is a module specific configuration files. This file will define most of the behaviour of a module.

Typically you will find a section like this:

$tutos[modulesinc]['bugtracking'][] = "mytutos";
$tutos[modulesinc]['bugtracking'][] = "product";
$tutos[modulesinc]['bugtracking'][] = "installation";
$tutos[modulesinc]['bugtracking'][] = "task";
$tutos[modulesinc]['bugtracking'][] = "check";
$tutos[modulesinc]['bugtracking'][] = "scheme";

which will list all the parts of TUTOS that will interfere with the module (in this case the 'bugtracking' module).

Another section does the same vice versa:

$tutos[modulesinc]['note'][] = "bugtracking";
$tutos[modulesinc]['file'][] = "bugtracking";
$tutos[modulesinc]['watchlist'][] = "bugtracking";

Those lines will enable the use of notes, documentmanagement and watchlists on the bugtracking pages.