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== Modify ==
== Modify ==
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This is a module that helps to keep information about various things that exist in a company (like book, computing hardware etc.) If installed, you can reach this module via mytutos/search/inventory.


To define a new inventory item you will need only a name. A unique id is also neccessary but will be defined by TUTOS if you keep the "auto" number. The rule how those auto numbers are replaced could be changed by the admin in the stuff config page.

The form to define inventory items


The info about one inventory item

If you like to see/find specific items you may use the search form. The Search form to find inventory items

or more detailed/specific

The extended Search form to find inventory items

For example type "amazon" in the source field and TUTOS will show you all inventory items you got from this source.

A overview for "one" source