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  • Is it possible to set Dependencies for tasks and sub-projects and if so can these be shown in the Gantt?
It is not possible to set dependencies on tasks in standard tutos installation. It is possible to do this with Task Dependencies Module from http://www.tutosportal.com. Dependencies aren't visible in Gantt now.
  • Is it possible to zoom the Gantt?
  • Is it possible to decollapse subprojects in the Gantt?
  • Currently it seems that the number of projects shown in the mytutos.php page is limited to 6. Is there any way to increase that number and where can I do this ?
Look for "$tutos[maxshort] = 3;" in config.php. mytutos.php will display the first 2*$tutos[maxshort] projects.
  • i was seing tutos and i wolud like to see it live. do anyone has a demo?
There is a demo on the hompage www.tutos.org
  • is there a config-option to show up tasks in personal/groups calendar?
yes, you may set '$tutos[tasksincalendar] = 1;' in your config.php.
  • Why is my authentification with PAM not working ?
You need to install a PHP extension which can handle PAM. See here http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/~ccunning/pam_auth/
  • I have to relogin everytime
Check the $tutos[sessionpath] variable in your configuration. The given path must exist and has to be writeable for the apache prozess.
  • is there a way to synchronize with outlook contacts and calendar ?
look at http://www.ecosoft.net

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