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This module allows
This module allows
* definition of test specifications
* definition of test specifications

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This module allows

  • definition of test specifications
  • defintion of testcases that are part of a test specification
  • use of test specifications in a testrun

A testcase will have the following fields

  • link to the owning testspec
  • a name
  • steps to do
  • expected result

a testcase that is in use in a testrun will also keep

  • the real result (including history)
  • a optional comment

A testspec will have a

  • link to the owning testspec/project
  • a name
  • a description

A testrun does know about

  • its name
  • a state
  • the origin testspec
  • a working copy of the testspec

While running TUTOS allows to directly create bugreports. The user can also see a small statistic of pass/fail